Flemington New Jersey Bed and Breakfast Inn

Main Street Manor is closing.

It is time to close the front door and turn off the lights for the last time at Main Street Manor. We can only be temporary stewards of this beautiful property and, although Main Street Manor is closing, new owners will be restoring her back to a majestic residence.

Thank you to all our couples who were married here during our 5 years, and the thousands of guests many who have become dear friends. You have enriched our lives with a glimpse of your life story, and for you a piece of ours. We are forever bonded by our kindness shared, a warm embrace a handshake, tears of joy and sadness, a song, and fresh baked food. You all have given us the gift of love.

This past year has been the hardest for many. We have lost loved ones, been separated, divided by politics, and suffered financial burdens. But through it all you gave us hope, the beauty of the human spirit, together on the porch and at our table, one on one.

We hope that our neighbors and town will welcome Dennis and Maria with the same friendship as you have given us.

From the bottom of our hearts, Marissa, Hannah, Juno and I thank you.