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Hunterdon County Bed and Breakfast Inn

Quincy, the Inn Dog


Meet Quincy!

Quincy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, was born in Oxford, New Jersey on April 22 and was one in a litter of eleven puppies. We knew we wanted a yellow male, and of the three yellow males in the litter, he seemed the most independent. He is pretty much potty trained and will be starting obedience school next week. We are confining him to our personal space for now and as he gets older and more trustworthy we will allow him to meet guests in the Inn's common space. For now, he is enjoying making new friends in the yard or when he is out for a walk.

Quincy at 5 monthsSeptember 2006: Quincy is now almost 5 months old. We cannot believe how much he has grown and what a smart boy he is. He understands some commands as a result of Obedience School and walks really excellent on a leash. Graduation was last week and the teacher made the last night of class lots of fun with games and a graduation ceremony and lots of 'pomp and circumstance'. Each graduate wore a hat and each had their picture taken receiving their diploma. Quincy won a prize for 'best tail wagger' that he proceeded to destroy as soon as we got home.

November 2006: Quincy seems to have found his calling... REDECORATING! He must have been pondering the kitchen wallpaper for a time and came to the conclusion that it had to go. We are quite happy with the chicken theme, but he decided otherwise. He is fixated on one wall and every chance he gets, he nips a little edge of the paper that is raised up from past tearing. We have given up reprimanding since there are more important things that need to be addressed. This just reinforces to us that it will be a little while longer before he is able to greet guests inside the Inn. We have dubbed the kitchen wall 'Quincy's Wall of Shame' and we will repaper or repaint when all evidence of his present fixation is gone.

Halloween Costume 2006
Quincy & Ken discussing how privileges are earned
Ken & Quincy discussing
how privileges are earned
Quincy had a great first Christmas! He was a quick learner at opening presents thanks to the many guests who were kind enough to bring and send him goodies! He is turning into a very sweet young man and is beginning to develop some manners. Quincy will now actually sit and stay when we tell him to (most of the time). Guests say they do not believe there is a puppy here because he is not much of a barker. As long as he gets his walks and some play time in the yard, he is quite the couch potato. The jumping is still a bit of a problem, but he is an enthusiastic puppy and its just his way (right now) of saying hi- We are working on teaching him to say hi with all four paws on the ground- Wish Us Luck! The newest photo is Quincy at 9 months old, on our first 'Snow Day'! Quincy at 9 months, winter 2007
Quincy April 2007 April 2007: Well, its Spring, and Quincy's first birthday is quickly approaching. We cannot believe how fast the time has gone by and how big he has gotten. He is 84 pounds of muscle and will and at times his strength and sense of humor gets the best of all of us. Needless to say, we are all heading back to school for round two of obedience training in a few weeks. We can't wait! Quincy has mastered the 'sit', but the 'stay' is what he still has trouble with. He is a very inquisitive dog and is anxious to explore all the new things the change of seasons bring.
Quincy on Vacation 2007 September 2007: How I Spent My Summer Vacations
Quincy had a busy last few months... in June AND in early September, he went on his first vacations and was quite an excellent traveler, sleeping all the way! In June, he visited Newport, with Donna & Ken and friends for the Newport Flower Show, and in September, he traveled to Martha's Vineyard with his family and Grandfolks for some beach time and a lot of R&R. He kept Donna & Ken 'on schedule' with AM rising time, and precluded them from having to pack an alarm clock for either trip. A long walk and coffee time was the usual 6 am, sipping coffee at the picturesque harbors of both places made it all OK. On Martha's Vineyard, Quincy got his first real taste of swimming in beautiful Nantucket Sound. He is an awesome swimmer and retriever and enjoyed the beach like crazy. He did well on the Vineyard Ferry to and from the Island and made lots of people smile. He is still quite a character´┐Żhe has a bit of separation anxiety when Mom & Dad are out of sight, but all-in-all, he was a really good boy and had two really great vacations!!
Quincy on Vacation 2007
Quincy on Vacation
at Martha's Vineyard, 2007
Quincy on Vacation 2007
Quincy on Vacation
at Martha's Vineyard 2007
Quincy on Vacation at Tiglman's Island MD, 2008
Quincy on Vacation at
Tiglman's Island MD, 2008
Quincy on Tighman Island with Donna May, 2008: Spring's arrival (finally!!!) has us all really excited! We have fenced in the back of the property so Quincy roams happily free and is able to meet guests without being on a leash. His manners are really improving and he is learning that the gardens are a no-no for bulky labrador paws! He recently celebrated his 2nd Birthday after a quick getaway we took to Marlyand's Tighman Island. Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, 10 miles from the town of St. Michael's, the island is quaint, quiet and allowed for lots of long walks and wonderful Maryland crabs! Quincy did not get to swim this time, but he enjoyed the sea air and meeting a chocolate Lab named Cooper who ran loose along the water. We are all gearing up for a really busy season and Quincy is excited about all the great outdoor events he will be attending in Flemington this summer. Come and join us for Music on Main Street, a movie 'in the Junction' or one of the Classic Car Shows that Flemington is known for!
Quincy Christmas 2008 February 2009: Can you believe all the snow we've had so far this year? Well, Quincy loves it and in perfect Labrador fashion will bulldoze through the snowplowed piles in the backyard with the greatest of ease. Our holidays were enjoyable and one of Quincy's gifts this year is that he is now able to meet guests in the Inn's common area if they ask for him. Sometimes he makes an appearance after breakfast or throughout the day as an assistant Innkeeper in tidying up the Inn or picking up the mail. He has proven himself to be very trustworthy (for the most part) and we think he really understands his role as official greeter, high-fiver & smile-maker.

Springtime 2009: Springtime was a happy time for all of us at the Inn...especially Quincy. We saw our first bluebird ever and the Inn's bluebird house had an unwelcomed intruder take up residence there for the entire season! Quincy was thrilled with his new backyard friend and apparently the intruder squirel did not feel at all threatened. He resided there until Autumn took hold and added to the backyard excitement for Quincy until then.

bluebird q & dad unwelcomed houseguest

Springtime brings birds and flowers and lovely green grass but for those of you who live in the country know well that Springtime also brings STINKBUGS! One of Quincy's favorite pastimes is to hunt this pre-historic looking bug when he feels its presence in the air... and to then pounce on the poor creatures and swat him around until death is eminent....only then does he begin another hunt for his next victim.............. (here he is doing so...>>>>>>>>>>>>

Q & stinkbug

September 2009: Quincy takes his vacation every September to Martha's Vineyard...he loves the island and takes to the water in true Labrador fashion with boundless exuberance, unending energy and excitement! This year the weather was not the greatest for daily swims for Q, but he managed a few days at the 'locals' dog beach in Edgartown.

swimmer wet q top deck black dog beach

Christmastime, December 2009: Quincy had a rip-roaring December at the Inn (along with us!)! Besides all the gifts from family & friends, many of Main Street Manor's generous guests arrived for their stay bearing gifts for the resident retriever!

q w gift q & tree fireplace q

February, 2010: We decided to take Quincy back to our old stomping grounds in Vermont...back to where we used to go before our days of owning the the Inn, with our old friends and their dogs...Only now we return with just us...without old friends and old dogs.

combes combes barn

We have always loved the Combes...its a place where you can just unwind and decompress...and not even have to drive for a great dinner. (Ruth's dinners are excellent!). We took 5 days in early February before the Valentine rush to have some 'just us' time. We have always wanted to visit Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vt. ...and this was the time to do it! We took a 1 1/2 hour drive to artist Stephen Huneck's a chapel that he built as an homage to his Labrador Retriever Sally. The Dog Chapel' on St. Johnsbury's 'Dog Mountain is a place for pet lovers to visit and leave a message for their pet...and WE did just that. Well, we visited Dog Mountain & Chapel and left prayers, photos, messages & ashes from our two Labradors who passed...,our Black Lab, Marcus in December of 1992 and Beau, our Yellow Lab who we lost in in January of 2006. Quincy was happy to oblige us and enjoyed the ride and his visit to the chapel. We believe that the spirit of this sacred place matured him a bit and made him very proud of this special task he acomplished...below are the photos from the ride to and our arrival at the Chapel...

q in truck sign chapel q in chapel

...Below are the pics once we arrived at the Chapel...The large Black Lab Sculpture greets you at the entrance to the Chapel. The other photos are of of Ken (and Quincy) leaving the ashes and notes for Marcus and Beau behind...REMEMBER...DOG is GOD spelled backwards for a reason... :-)

dad & q


February 2011: EEK...!!! It has been such a long time since Quincy's last entry! Life at the inn has been busy and this past year Quincy has really matured, becoming a 'dog' ... no longer a puppy. He is still an exuberant young man with his manners in place. And we do not stress out as much when he meets an old or new friend on the street (for the most part). His outward displays of affection have become a bit more restrained although he still cannot help himself when he sees his 'girlfriend' Ruby (another yellow Labrador Retriever who lives locally). The urge to lick her ears and get as close to her as possible overtakes him when they meet up on Main Street. Quincy is totally beside himself when they are able to have 'a date' and actually take a stroll together. (With 'the' Ken's supervision, that is!)

Aside from maturing into a pleasant young man, Quincy has taken on another job....and it is one that suits him perfectly and adds to his maturity and his NEW sense-of-self!


Quincy takes his new job as paper - delivery - dog VERY SERIOUSLY...and at times on a walk he will see a neighbor's freshly-delivered paper and move to pick it up and carry it back home! It is the cutest thing to see but we have to explain to Quincy that he would be stealing if he were to take their paper...we tell him that if he were to abscond with the paper it would be frowned upon big time by the neighbors...(and we don't want to pi_ _ off the neighbors!)...So we take the paper from him gently (sometimes this is met with Quincy's dis-approoval!) and toss it up on the neighbor's front porch! (The innkeepers always want to stay in the neighbor's good graces!)


June 2011: Now that Summertime is almost upon us, Quincy takes to the River on Sunday afternoons after weekend guests check out! His favorite new spot is the boat launch area in Stockton cause he can run right straight in! He is an amazing swimmer but still a bit of a scared-ey cat when the current is moving!

Springtime 2012 ~ Wow! Another year has passed and Quincy is really inn-to the mode of property manager and security assistant. He enjoys helping Ken set up for the many outdoor weddings that the inn has here's a sneak-peek at Quincy inn-action, surveying the ceremony set-up for a wedding early this Spring!

Quincy helping with the set-up!

November 2012 - Mr. Demille..."I'm ready for my close-up" OR should we say " Miss Jenna, "Catch me if you can"!!! This Fall, we asked our fave (wedding!) photog, Jenna Perfette to come to the inn for a little photo shoot of Quincy (and us!) Well, lets just say that Jenna had awesome patience and managed to catch all of Quincy's personalities in about a half-hour! Here are a few of the really lovely ones!

This is Quincy's 'serious' face...his pensive, thoughtful look when he has something on his mind!

...Anyone who has EVER tried to take a dog's picture knows that the best way to get a 'happy shot' is to bribe him with something that is a beloved treat! In Quincy's case...its a strawberry! His amazingly beautiful face just shines...and you'll notice the blurred berry in my hand on the very top of the page.

Next up...just a funny shot of Quincy's lack of patience with the whole photo-shoot-thing and his Quincy-sense of humor!

and Lastly...the Quincy face we see the most and continue to giggle at even though he is SO serious!!! Its the "I'm done with you" face...(those of you with teenagers will recognize this look as well!) We love our boy no matter what face he wears...and we continue to enjoy the heck out of him every day!

August, 2013 - WOW!  Its been a long time since Quincy updated his page...well, he'll tell you its been quite busy around here with all the changes on the property and all the weddings we have been doing!  Here is Quincy telling his story of the ast few months inn his own words...!  He has become quite the innkeeper and enjoys days here with us with whatever comes crazy as it may be!   

"I help my mom & dad set up for the weddings sometimes and they even allow me to walk through the rows of chairs before the wedding guests arrive to see that there is ample room for the guests comfort!  Here's a pic of me checking things out before a wedding we had here at the inn on June 1!  I love to help out with all this 'cause I get extra treats!"   

"During a wedding, guests will ask 'Don't you have a dog?'  because they have looked at the website and seen my face.  I guess they ask because I am so used to these weddings that when they happen I just go into my house and take a nap for a few hours.  After the wedding is over and the guests leave, I help with cleanup and lay in the kitchen listening to the commentary on the day from Dad, Mom and our wonderful inn family!  Usually the day after a wedding my mom and dad will take me for 'a Quincy day', 'cause I have been a good boy and behaved (by not barking!) while the wedding is going on!  Most recently we went to the towpath in Stockton for a walk and visited the Prallsville Mill.  It was really nice and even though it was a hot day it was fun.  Here are some pics from the day!


Me & my mom walking cause dad was letting me be too close to the poison ivy she took over.  We walk at a quicker pace than dad does.  His knee was hurting so we let him take a break for awhile! 

This is the historic Prallsville Mill (they tell me!) Oftentimes art events are hosted here and its quite a draw for locals and out-of-towners alike! 


And as a tribute to me ALWAYS being a good boy, the latest new thing is that my mom took a 'Paint Your Pet' class at a new Studio right here in Flemington!  She's really not an artist, but she said that the teacher was wonderful and helped everyone make their pet look really great!  There were 6 dog painters in the class and just one cat person.   Mom said the class was fun and that the teacher helped her to make me look like me!  Here's her painting and another shot of the class with their creations!  I think my mom did a wonderful job capturing my essence and my dad has already hung the painting over my chair in our family room!  Here's a peek at mom's painting of me and some peeps in the class and their work as well!


Can you tell my pic???

There's my mom and her painting of ME!  Didn't she do a great job???

Hi there folks who keep up with me on our website and through my page. Its June of 2015 and its been a long time since you saw new pics of me here!  I had a bad bit by a spider on my paw, had a bad hotspot on my head (and had to get shaved!), and developed some yukky patches on my chinny-chin-chin as a result of the CONE mom & dad put me in to keep me from licking my spider-bitten paw.    Here's a pic of me waiting for Dr. Bud to come take a look at me!  If you need a really good Vet, Hopewell's Dr. Bud Stults is the best!  He took great care of me and got me all better!  It was a long winter but all is gravy now!  I am now 9 years old and just came back from a trip mom & dad took me on to Marthas Vineyard! We all really love it there...Here are some pics of me at the beach you might like!

I loved roaming free and it felt so good to have the sea air blow my ears back and just inhale the ocean scent!


Here are a few more fun and I are disobeying the sign, and in the next pic, mom & I just happy to be at the beach!


Here are photos of scenery...the first pic is of a sleepy fishing town called Menemsha, the second taken on Edgartown Beach and the third is the Gay Head Cliffs in Aquinnah (the town I am named after!).  

Finally this is me again in back of the truck after our beach trip!  I hope you liked a peek at our little vacation and I promise not to stay away so long next time!



April 22, 2006 - August 24, 2015

Quincy was born on April 22, 2006 and began his life with us at the inn, June 11. As a puppy, Quincy's 'Marley-like' nature made life interesting to say the least.

At the age of two, Quincy was introduced to 'the front of the house' and began meeting guests there. He enjoyed the role of greeter and took his job as head of security very seriously. Quincy was well-known along Main Street, loved his daily walks and attending town events. We enjoyed seeing smiles on people's faces as they would watch him sit at each corner before crossing the street. Quincy had become quite a gentleman.

The nine years we had together were filled with simple daily pleasures and the best vacations. Quincy was not a fan of car rides, but loved relaxation destinations. He was a wonderful swimmer and a true retriever in the water. His separation anxiety kept us close together, but we liked that. Our down-time away from the inn was precious and we made immeasurable memories.

Because of the inn, Quincy was able to meet many people—and touch many hearts. Anyone that met him loved our beautiful boy. He was a stoic, happy dog whose talents were wasted on us. Quincy would have been an amazing police dog or bomb sniffer because of his attention to detail and work ethic. I always said I wish he could read, because he seemed bored a lot of the time—Quincy was much more of a thinker than a fetcher and that's what made him so unique. We loved him immensely and he left us way too soon. Quincy's presence is, and will forever be, missed at the inn but most especially by Ken and I when we spent 'off' time together. He was our forever companion and our very best friend. We love you Quincy. Life will never be the same without you.


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